"Our mission is dedicated to the enhancement of medical education, service to humanity, and fellowship among its members."  

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Highlights of the meeting included the awarding of the Cutter Medal for outstanding service to the field of medicine
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Elected to serve as officers of the Grand Chapter were: Dr. Elisabeth Righter - President, Dr. Gary LeRoy and Dr. Julie Best - vice Presidents, Dr. Gabriel Cuka- Treasurer
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Phi Rho Sigma Medical Society, founded in 1890 at NorthwesternPhi Rho Sigma Medical Society University, is a coeducational fraternity for medical students. In 1929, Chi Zeta Chi which was founded at the University of Georgia, was amalgamated with Phi Rho Sigma. Membership is open to men and women attending medical schools of the highest standing. The Society currently has active chapters throughout the United States. Our alumni have been responsible for numerous, significant advances in modern medicine and many alumni hold position of influence and prominence in academics and clinical medicine.

The Society elects its officers at our biennial meeting which is called the Grand Chapter. Our Executive Council consists of elected officers as well as nine student representatives which are elected by their peers. The Laws of Phi Rho Sigma Medical Society provide the framework for the organization.

Each chapter elects their own officers and writes their own constitution and bylaws whcih they follow. However, the constitution must follow the format of the national document.

Philanthropy and service to others are an important programming component to all of our chapters. Each chapter chooses to participate in local philanthropic projects. Examples of these volunteer opportunities include blood banks, food and clothing drives, local medical clinics, and children's holiday events. These programs and ideas are discussed and exchanged at the Grand Chapter meeting and by emails throughout the year.

Grand Chapter
The biennial meeting of Phi Rho Sigma is known as the Grand Chapter. All officers and members of the Executive Coucil attend as well as two delegates from each chapter. These chapter delegates have their expenses covered by the national organization. Other chapter members and all alumni are welcome to atend.

The programming for Grand Chapter includes meetings to conduct the business of the Society, chapter reports, educational presentations, and the awarding of the the medalists for that year. Newly elected officers are installed at the final banquet. There is free time to provide fun and camaraderie among the attendees.

At each Grand Chapter meeting Phi Rho Sigma awards three gold medals.

The Irving S. Cutter Medal is presented to a member of the Society who has provided extraordinary service to the field of medicine.

The Jesse Ansley Griffin Medal is awarded to a Phi Rho who has given outstanding service to the Society over the past years.

We welcome suggestions from the alumni for the Cutter and Griffin Medals. Please send your suggestions to the Central Office.

Our student medal, the Paul McLain Student Research Award, is given to a student member who has done significant research while in medical school. Dr. McLain was a physician and scientist who dedicated his life to the education of the medical student. Winners get both a gold medal and a cash award and will present their research at the Grand Chapter. For further information, please contact the Central Office.

Cetificates of Meritorious Service may also be given out by the Grand Chapter.

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