"Our mission is dedicated to the enhancement of medical education, service to humanity, and fellowship among its members."  

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Nominations for Medalists

Highlights of our Grand Chapter meeting include the presentation of our two most prestigious awards...the Irving S. Cutter Medal and the Jesse Ansley Griffin Medal. Nominations are now open for candidates to receive these medals in 2015...if you know of an alumni that you feel we should consider for these awards please notify the Central Office. 

Remember...The Irving S. Cutter Medal is presented to a member of Phi Rho Sigma who has made an outstanding contribution to medicine. The Jesse Ansley Griffin Medal is given to a member of Phi Rho Sigma for outstanding service to the society.

Site and Dates of 57th Grand Chapter Announced Grand Hyatt Pool Tampa, FL

Grand Hyatt Hotel Tampa,FL

The 57th Grand Chapter Convention of Phi Rho Sigma will be held in Tampa, Florida in June of 2015. The host hotel will be the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay and we will meet on June 12th and 13th. All alumni are invited to attend. Details will be available from the Central Office after January 1, 2015. 


Mu Chapter Starts New Tradition

Mu chapter at the University of Iowa hosted a Match Day Breakfast for all seniors in the medical school...the breakfast was a huge success and did much to alleviate the nerves of the students as they looked forward to see where  the next step in their medical education would take them.



The 56th Grand Chapter Convention was held in Chicago on June 14 - 15, 2013. The meeting took place at the Allerton Hotel which is located just a few blocks away from the Northwestern University School of Medicine which is where the Alpha chapter was founded.

Highlights of the meeting included:Dr. Sigel

Presentation of the Irving S. Cutter Medal to Dr. Melvin Sigel of Minneapolis, MN. This medal is given to an member of Phi Rho Sigma who has made an outstanding contribution to medicine.  A graduate of the University of Minnesota and a member of Theta Tau chapter, Dr. Sigel has been active in the Federation of State Medical Boards and led the organization as President. He was also twice President of the Minnesota Board of Medical Examiners.
Dr. Adler

Dr. Alan Adler, Indiana University, 2011 Griffin Medal recipient for service to the society spoke about the changes that have taken place in Phi Rho Sigma during his years of membership.  He cited the admittance of women to membership, the change from being known as a fraternity to a society, and the formation of the Phi Rho Sigma Foundation.

"From Medical School to Residency" was presented by Dr. Christy Benson, University of Iowa.  
A discussion of Social Media, Physicians, and Professionalism was facilitated by the following Undergraduate members of the Executive Council: Dr. Matt Downen, University of Iowa, Joe Wheeler, University of Nebraska, and Juan Reyes Genere, University of Minnesota.  


President - Elisabeth Righter, M.D., Alpha Upsilon
Vice President - Gary Leroy, M.D., Alpha Upsilon
Vice President - Gabriel Cuka, M.D., Iota
Secretary/Treasurer - Julie Best, M.D., Pi
Historian - Casey Drake, M.D., Iota
Editor - Sheryl Mascarenhas, M.D., Alpha Upsilon

Undergraduate Delegates - Michael Jung - Alpha, Michelle Pequet - Eta, Siri Hill - Theta Tau, LaTashia Irving - Alpha Nu

Undergraduate Alternate Delegates - Priya Larson - Theta Tau, Brennan Tesdahl - Mu, Alyssa Newton - Zeta, Ben Grams - Iota, Joe Giacalone - Mu Executive Council 

Additional members of the Executive Council appointed by the President include:
Advisory Council Representative - Dr. Worthe Holt
New Physicians Chair - Dr. Christy Benson
Social Media Chair - Joe Wheeler
Councilors Chair - Dr. Matt Downen
Chapter Communications Chair - Juan Reyes Genere
McLain Research Award Chair - Dr. Wade Swenson


Current Grand Chapter Officers

2011 - 2013

President: Elisabeth Righter, Alpha Upsilon

  • Vice-President for the US: Gary Leroy, Alpha Upsilon
  • Vice-President for Canada: Gabriel Cuka, Iota
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Julie Best, Pi
  • Editor: Sheryl Mascarenhas, Alpha Upsilon
  • Historian: Casey Drake, Iota

55th Biennial Convention of Grand Chapter

June, 2011 - Orlando, Florida

The 55th Biennial Convention of the Grand Chapter was held in June, 2011 in Orlando, Florida.

Grand Chapter medalists: Lamar S. McGinnis, Jr., Chi Alpha -- Irving S. Cutter Medalist (for service to medicine); Worthe Holt, Pi -- Jesse Ansley Griffin Medalist (for service to Phi Rho Sigma); Alan Adler, Pi -- Jesse Ansley Griffin Medalist (awarded in absentia); and Wade Swenson, Theta-Tau -- Paul Larimer McLain Student Research Award.

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